Machine Learning Research at Johns Hopkins



Thanks to Hal Daume for compiling most of this list.
  • GRMM: A graphical models package add-on for mallet
  • FastDT: Very fast decision tree learner that implements bagging and boosting
  • libSVM: a very efficient library for SVMs, available in C and Java
  • Mallet: a library for tons of NLP applications, including structured prediction with HMMs/CRFs, classification, clustering, topic modeling
  • MegaM: Optimization software for maximum entropy models, uses conjugate gradient for binary/binomial problems and LM-BFGS for multiclass problems
  • MinorThird: An NLP learning package that supports many standard algortihms
  • NLTK: A super-easy to use Python implementation of many popular NLP algorithms
  • SVM-Light: a super fast efficient library for SVMs. Supports ranking problems and kernels.
  • Torch3: a generic machine learning library, particularly good for neural networks
  • Weka: the "defacto" machine learning/datamining library

Machine Learning Courses

There are numerous machine learning courses offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Many courses post notes and slides that are useful for studying.

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